Lamb of God

“Redemption Song” By Floriana Brindle

“Legalism lacks the supreme sense of worship. It obeys but it does not adore.” Geerhardus Vos I love reading the different songs in the Bible. Songs like Moses’ song of deliverance from Egypt along with Miriam’s victory song in Exodus 15:1-18, 20-22; Deborah’s song in Judges 5, Hannah’s “soundtrack of redemption” in 1 Samuel 2:1-10, …

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The Sin-Bearing Sufferer (Psalm 38)

In Psalm 38, David feels the overwhelming burden of his sin and the corresponding displeasure of YHWH. He feels as if he is a cursed sin-bearer. Awareness of your sin and God’s hatred of it The psalmist is quite aware of two things: the evil of his own sin, and God’s great displeasure of it. …

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