Booking & Events

Speaking & Rapping

Timothy will come to your conference, retreat, outreach, or event to preach Christ’s Word in sermon, and/or teach Biblical Theology in a classroom setting, along with summarizing and highlighting his sermons and talks by performing his Christ-centered Hip-Hop.

Sunday Evening:

-Opening song: “The Self-Sufficiency of God” (from The Attributes of God LP, shai linne)

Message 1: Treasuring the Gospel (Luke 18:9-14; Philip. 3:4-14)

-song: “I’m the Problem/All-Sufficiency of Christ” (from The Restoration LP)

-song: “Headcrusher” (from The Unfolding LP)

Monday Morning:

Message 2: Treasuring God’s Word (Psalm 12)

-song: “The Word of God” (from The Great Awakening LP)

-song: “Death and Resurrection Pt. 1: Luke 24” (from The Unfolding LP)

Monday Evening:

      -opening song: “The Heart of Christ” (from The Restoration LP)

Message 3: Treasuring Christ Who Treasures Us (1 Peter 2:4-10)

-song: “Step into the Light” (from Killing Sin LP)

-song: “The Excellencies of Christ” (from Killing Sin LP)

Tuesday Morning:

Message 4: Treasures in Heaven (Matt. 6:19-24)

-song: “Mercy Music” (from The Restoration LP)

-Closing Prayer

-song: “Death and Resurrection Pt. 1: Luke 24” (from The Unfolding LP)

 Message 1: Letters from Christ (2 Cor. 3:1-3)

-song : “Death and Resurrection Pt. 2: Circumcision” (from The Unfolding LP)

-song : “The Excellencies of Christ” (from Killing Sin LP)

Wednesday Morning

Message 2: Our Identity in Christ (2 Cor. 5:14-17)

-song: “Image of God: Who Are We?” (from The Unfolding LP)

-song: “Headcrusher” (from The Unfolding LP)

Wednesday Evening:

Message 3: The Comfort of Christ in Suffering (2 Cor. 1:3-7)

-song: “Mercy Music” (from The Restoration LP)

-song: “The Heart of Christ” (from The Restoration LP)

Thursday Morning:

Message 4: The Power of Christ (2 Cor. 12:9-10)

-song: “I’m the Problem/All-Sufficiency of Christ” (from The Restoration LP)

-Closing Prayer

Seminary on Saturday

Timothy will conduct The Unfolding Workshop in which he gives classroom-style lectures based on the various chapters of The Unfolding Book. The correlating songs from The Unfolding album are performed to summarize the main points of the talks. This format is ideal for training Elders, Sunday School teachers, or lay leaders how the various parts of the Old Testament connect to the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 1: Interpreting the Bible (chapters 1 and 2 of The Unfolding Book): How the Bible fits together as God’s One Unfolding Story of Redemption in Christ.

-song: “Death and Resurrection Pt. 1: Luke 24” (from The Unfolding LP)

Lesson 2: Christ as the Promised Royal Offspring (chapters 3-6 of The Unfolding Book): How Jesus inaugurates the Kingdom of God in His First Coming as promised and forshadowed in the Old Testament.

-song: “Headcrusher”

-song: “The Kingdom of God”

Lesson 3: Christ as the Greater Moses Prophet (chapters 7-8 of The Unfolding Book): How Jesus fulfills the Old Testament of pattern of God’s suffering, wilderness sojourners, and fulfills the promise of a Moses-like Prophet who accomplishes a Second Exodus.

-song: “The Wilderness”

-song: “Eschatological Prophet”

Lesson 4: The Waters of Judgment and the Death of Resurrection of Christ (chapters 9-10 of The Unfolding Book): How the covenant sign of circumcision and the water-judgment events of the Flood, the Exodus, and Jonah foreshadow the death and resurrection of Christ.

-song: “Death and Resurrection Pt. 2: Circumcision Water-Judgment”

-song: “Death and Resurrection Pt. 3: Water-Judgment”

Lesson 5: God’s Temple Presence in Christ with His Church (chapters 11-13 of The Unfolding Book): How God has always condescended to dwell with His people through covenant, from Eden to the Tabernacle and Temple, then more fully in Christ and His Spirit-indwelt Church, culminating in the New Heavens and the New Earth.

-song: “The Temple”

-song: “Priest-Judge”

Hip-Hop Concert & Sermon

Timothy will perform a full concert based on a theme or passage by selecting songs centered on that theme, in support of the main point of his sermon which he will preach in the middle (or at the end) of the concert.

“The Art of the Gospel” was an event conducted by a church that sought to instruct and encourage Christians in using their artistic talents and gifts to communicate the beauty of the Gospel of Christ. Timothy performed a handful songs, presented a message called “The Art of The Gospel,” then closed with 2 songs and prayer.

Systematic Hip-Hop Concert

Timothy will present an overview of the Christian Faith by ordering the concert songs in the fashion of a Systematic Theology Book.

  1. The Doctrine of Scripture: “The Word of God” (from The Great Awakening LP)
  2. The Doctrine of God: “Self-Sufficiency of God” (from The Attributes of God LP)
  3. The Doctrine of Man: “Image of God: Who are We?” (from The Unfolding LP)
  4. The Doctrine of Sin: “The Sinfulness of Sin” (from Killing Sin LP)
  5. The Doctrine of Christ: “The Humility of Christ” (from Killing Sin LP)
  6. The Doctrine of Justification: “The Great Exchange” (from The Restoration LP)
  7. The Doctrine of Sanctification: “Let’s Kill Sin!” (from Killing Sin LP)
  8. The Doctrine of Worship: “The Temple” (from The Unfolding LP)

– Brief Closing Message

Open Air Outreach

Timothy will help your Church or Ministry conduct an open-air outreach event in parks or on street corners. Through his music Timothy will seek to draw a crowd, and in between songs he will present a clear gospel presentation to all who have ears to hear.

Other Ministry Formats

-Timothy and his wife Floriana have conducted parenting conferences to encourage parents in raising their children to know the Lord.

-Timothy has spoken and performed at events that focus on the topics of sexuality, pornography, and homosexuality.

-Timothy is available to speak about Urban and Global Missions, Race and the Gospel, discipleship and Biblical Counseling, Homeschooling, and Apologetics.